Friday, August 17, 2007

Missing Anyone?

I sure miss everyone at home................

Celebrate with FLOWERS:)

How do you like this card?:) I simply adore it. Love to have it? Check it out from my Etsy shop!:)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Time to Take a Break!!

NO I don't mean I need a break:P But if you know anyone who deserves one... you should probably consider this:)

Not too early stocking up for Christmas!:)

Started listing my first christmas tags and christmas card:)

Just wanted to share my experience on TRUNKT:)

I stumbled upon this website on the forum on etsy... and thought there was no harm giving it a shot but deep inside, I thought I will probably get rejected, hearing that they are pretty strict and professional about how they select their designers to be featured... so I put up the application quite light-heartedly. And I was really surprised to receive an email from them almost immediately to inform me that my account has been activated!!Yay!:) And notepad was featured in the popular category too:) I am more grateful than happy!:)

My Newest Notebooks and notepad!:)

Simply adore these... especially the notepad made from the line of paper/cardstock by famous designer-Amy Butler:) And I am really happy that this notepad was once featured under the popular category on trunkt!:)

The "BOOs" and Candies!!:)

Have you seen Jack-O-lantern popping candies?:)